Spice up your baby with Kit&Kin! Emma Bunton launches new brand for baby care

If I say “GIRL POWER“, what immediately comes to your mind?
I bet that your head starts to spin around, images become blur and suddenly… BOOM!


After 16 years of the unannounced split of the group, the girls are women, they have amazing careers but most of all they are mums.
As you all know, I have just become a mum as well and in the last period of time my shopping is ONLY kids related.
Living in London, I am trying to keep myself up to date with the new trends and British baby products in general.
A few days ago, while I was surfing around Instagram I have discovered something extraordinary: Kit&Kin, a super new baby brand. What is astonishing behind this is that while I was looking at the pictures I almost had a heart attack.
Emma Bunton, our beloved Baby Spice, was everywhere!

Emma with arms folded

on March 2017 founded Kit&Kin with the collaboration of Christopher Mooney, who has 15 years experience developing mother and baby products for some of the world’s leading brands.

Here I am looking at Emma. Gone is “Baby Spice” persona and now more “Mama Spice”.

Emma and ChrisMum of two boys aged 9 and 5 years old, Beau and Tate, Emma is a real businesswoman.
During an interview for a British online magazine she said that she loves every aspects of being a mum.

“The whole thing about the smell of a baby, holding a newborn. Oh my goodness, there’s nothing quite like it. And their skin is so delicate and soft and gorgeous. It’s a very, very special time”

She also said that she doesn’t want to rule out the possibility of having another baby and welcome to the family a little sister or brother for her kids in a near future. “I think, if I am lucky enough that would be something wonderful”.

Emma, who co-hosted “Too Much TV” on March 2016, a daily magazine show on BBC Two, today she is co-hosting Breakfast on Heart FM London and she never stops!

Schermata 2017-04-27 alle 14.10.45

“My son has always suffered with eczema and for so many years we struggled to find products that weren’t full of chemicals that would further irritate his skin . As a mother, my children are my number one priority and I do everything I can to ensure they’re always safe, healthy and happy. “

This is why Emma and Christopher created Kit&Kin. Original eco-friendly baby products with a charming design not only for the babies but also for mums!

The range of baby products includes premium performance biodegradable nappies coming in four different designs with animal faces. The nappies provide maximum comfort, dryness and security for up to 12 hours, perfect for the long nights! Another relevant aspect is that Kit&Kin nappies will be biodegradeable within 3 to 6 years. Conventional nappies can take up to 500 years to biodegrade. Are you still asking yourself if there is better choice than Kit&Kin?

Mother and Baby bundle

We can also find wipes, Bio-degradable Nappy Sacks, Shampoo & Body Wash, Bubble Bath, Body Oil and Magic Salve (Nappy Salve). The whole range of essential products for your baby is available!

Emma didn’t forget about us mums! Indeed Kit&Kin also produces two very useful products for pregnant ladies or new mums: Stretch Mark Oil and Breast Balm, a must have while breastfeeding!
You can buy the products online at where you also have the option to build a nappy bundle that allows you to save money and never stay without.

Mother and Baby skincare

All the products are approved and dermatologically tested to prove that they are gentle and safe to use for the entire family. They are free-from parables, SLSs and artificial colours.
At Kit&Kin they use sustainable materials that contain significantly fewer chemicals, for better health, not only for ourselves but our babies as well.

“We have to take care of the world where our kids will grown up in”. With these words Emma, a role model UNICEF ambassador, underline her commitment to help protect not only your little ones but the environment too. Every 10 bundle subscription on the website, Kit&Kin will purchase and protect one acre of the rainforest through the
World Land Trus

C’mon mums! Spice up your baby with Kit&Kin! composureitalia composure italy magazine on line rivista italia lifestyle moda beauty jpotter1826 jessica c potter composure news blogger mamme bambini genitori amore .png
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